Yesterday we enjoyed the genesis of a ridiculous feud between ESPN SportsCenter anchor Robert Flores and Lakers guard Nick Young slash Australian rapper girlfriend Iggy Azalea.  Flores made a joke on SportsCenter about I-G-G-Y killing hip hop, Swaggy P took it personally, and here we are.

Flores appeared on ESPN Radio’s Sedano and Stink (go to the 39 minute mark) to talk about his time in the spotlight and the feud with Young.  He talked about the initial joke being “all in good fun” and how Young might have taken a step back from taking such serious offense over it (he ended up deleting the tweets calling out Flores).  But RoFlo just couldn’t resist one more barb in the direction of Swaggy P…

“If you look at his numbers, there is a 70% chance that, if he takes a shot at me, he’s going to miss. I’m just looking at the numbers, so I’m good.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa… Nick Young is a 36% shooter.  Not 30%.  RoFlo shouldn’t get too cocky, here and think he’s got this in the bag.  If this doesn’t end with a charity boxing match in Temecula, I’m going to be really disappointed.


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