It’s a hard Gronk life, sometimes. Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski and his family appeared on a celebrity edition game show Family Feud for an episode set to air June 21, and NESN reports that Gronk wasn’t particularly taken with a question about Deflategate:

When asked for “Something that can be inflated or deflated,” Gronk supposedly replied “I don’t even want this one.” That does seem like a good political approach to take, even if it didn’t earn him any points. Poor Gronk, just a pawn in the game of life, and one always having to deal with questions about deflated balls (when he’s not singing for Dunkin’ Donuts, that is). Who knows, if this keeps up, he might have to make those planning to take part in his Gronk Cruise sign a waiver indicating that they won’t ask about Deflategate. That might let the air out of some journalists, but it could make it a lower-pressure situation…


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