Rob Gronkowski is promoting something called BODYARMOR Sports Drink, and the ad the company released on YouTube featuring Gronkowski has several call-backs to pro wrestling in the 1980s. It’s completely absurd, and we can’t get enough.

So, what did we like about this?

-The subpar quality of the video, as if it were recorded on a VCR from TV.
-Gronk’s pink tassels.
-Zubaz. Looks like Vikings Zubaz, actually.
-All the damn purple and pink.
-Road Warrior facepaint.
-Is that a metal gradient on the “Gronkasaurus” text?
-The actual promo itself, which had callbacks to Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, the Ultimate Warrior, and Ric Flair.
-Gronk holding the cheap plastic chair the wrong way.
-The old SummerSlam font on the “BodyArmorBattle” tag at the end.

I don’t think they could have nailed this any more than they did.