Remember that Rob Gronkowski erotica, “A Gronking To Remember,” and its sequel, “A Gronking To Remember 2: Chad Goes Deep In The Neutral Zone”? It’s already sparked a lawsuit (from an Ohio couple who had their engagement photo used without permission on the cover), and now it’s sparked a fake movie trailer. The best part? That “exclusive trailer” for the supposed movie, from Funny or Die, has none other than Gronkowski himself costarring with supermodel Charlotte McKinney, and spiking something rather different than a football:

This is amazing on a whole lot of levels, from Gronk’s “I read it, and I loved it” to “Super Spike Football Films” to Gronk’s interruptions during the trailer to changing the Jets and Patriots to “The New York Planes” and “The New England World Champions” to the critic quotes from Gronk himself to the Fifty Shades Of Grey-inspired font and title choice. Sure, it’s a funny joke (and one particularly driven by the level to which Gronk embraces it), but maybe they should actually make this movie; it can’t be any worse than Fifty Shades, right? Perhaps it could even have its world premiere next February on the Gronk Cruise


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