Steph Curry’s adorable daughter Riley was present at the podium once again after the Warriors’ Game 5 victory over the Houston Rockets.  And she was once again the real star of the show.

Since we already had to live through a mind-numbing GREAT SPORTS DEBATE about a toddler, hopefully we don’t have to live through it again.  What’s even better than watching these Vines of “NBA kids do the darndest things” is imagining an increasingly red-faced Skip Bayless or Brian Windhorst watching them getting furious at what is happening to THE SANCTITY OF THE POSTGAME PRESS CONFERENCE.

A small child is capturing the heart of America and infuriating Skip Bayless at the same time? WIN-WIN!

I know one thing – I would rather watch two hours of Riley Curry handing gum to a PR assistant on a continuous loop than sports media members trying to pretend that a few canned quotes from a postgame presser are the beginning of the downfall of the American democracy.  It’s 2015.  We just want to see Vines of kids dancing.

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