After the Redskins upset the Cowboys in overtime on Monday Night Football, all anyone could talk about afterwards was the guy who shouted “NO MEANS NO!” and forcibly broke up an interview between Colt McCoy and John Sutcliffe of ESPN Deportes.

Here’s the video evidence once again…

Mr. “No Means No” was revealed to be Redskins PR boss Tony Wyllie, who doesn’t have the best reputation.  Today, he explained to TMZ why he pulled McCoy away.

“We wanted to get Colt in to hear coach’s postgame speech…. I wasn’t denying access. I wanted Colt to hear coach talk. I felt we needed to get him inside… Right after the speech, Colt went out and did the interview. I explained the situation to them. They were happy in the end.”

Can you imagine anyone being that excited to hear a Jay Gruden speech?  Yea, me neither.


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