Mike Missanelli is one of your typical sports radio bros who works for 97.5 FM in Philadelphia.  You might recall that he’s the guy who made some defamatory remarks about Michelle Beadle last year.  Or you might remember him as the guy who was suspended over homophobic e-mails that made their way public.  This is someone who really represents the best of what the industry is all about.

Now he’s the guy celebrating on Twitter and taunting Giants fans over a devastating injury (reported as a torn patellar tendon) suffered by Victor Cruz that left him in tears.

Here it is in screengrab form in case it’s deleted:

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 10.33.44 PM

Stay classy.

Missanelli invites people to “#GoogleMe” in his Twitter profile.  What you find when you Google Missanelli is a clinic in being a meathead.  Hopefully his station and their advertisers are proud people tonight for enabling this.

UPDATE: Naturally, the tweet was deleted (thank you Shift+Command+4) and Missanelli says it’s all a misunderstanding. Yes, you see, he tweeted “Victor Cruz is over” about a dropped pass because… no, wait, that makes no sense at all.  Also, the deleted tweet came a couple minutes after the play initially happened.  Missanelli’s tweet came at 10:27, the first tweet on my timeline referencing Cruz’s injury came at 10:25.

UPDATE II: Missanelli’s tweet was front page news in New York, making the cover of the Daily News. The cover has come under criticism of its own for perhaps unfairly picturing the Eagles personnel in the background.

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