This is something we randomly came across yesterday.  It’s from the Sports Manias Digital Media Summit in Miami, Florida.  The summit features what you would expect from one of these SXSW type things.  Lots of panel discussions with lots of media types talking about lots of media things.  There’s tons of important people present with important titles like “VP of strategic partnerships” and “Director of Sports Content” with some other VPs, CEOs, and COOs mixed in.  Good stuff.

But this caught our eye.  A panel entitled “The Blog Effect: How Edgy Blogs and Non-Traditional Sources Have Changed the Discourse & Direction of Sports Media.”  A panel that features precisely zero bloggers.

Because nothing represents edgy blogs quite like the Associate Masthead Editor of the New York Times!  C’mon folks, Spencer Hall does one of these things like once a week – bloggers are not that hard to find, digital media elites!

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