There are times when NFL GameDay Final on NFL Network is totally unwatchable. Then there are times when the discussion turns into a magnification of the old 1990’s San Francisco 49ers-Dallas Cowboys rivalry. This happened Sunday night when Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders were discussing a moment in the New Orleans-Carolina game when Panthers QB Cam Newton claimed that referee Ed Hochuli said that he was not old enough to draw a personal foul call for a late hit.

Both Irvin and Sanders confirmed that players get calls based on reputation and it turned into a re-enactment of the 1994 NFC Championship Game between the Niners and Cowboys where Irvin is still bitter about a non-pass interference call. It left host Chris Rose and analyst Marshall Faulk incredulous.

Update, July 2021: This clip has been taken down.

Primetime was classic with “You need to get over that, man!” and “Every year we go over the SAME THANG!” Give credit to the producers for having that Irvin-Sanders clip at the ready.

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