While Ray Rice and the NFL and Roger Goodell have dominated headlines, it just so happens that another athlete with a past littered with domestic violence will be in the headlines this weekend.  Floyd Mayweather returns to the ring against Marcos Maidana on Saturday night and while the calls aren’t quite as numerous or vociferous as they are towards the NFL, there are voices stepping up advocating a boycott of the fight.

At the very least, there are voices questioning Mayweather’s position in the wider sports culture given he served 90 days in jail after pleading guilty to charges of domestic violence.  And then there are his comments this week which are just horrifying in their insensitivity.  If there’s one athlete who symbolizes the serious problem of the sporting culture and its issues with domestic violence, it’s Mayweather.

One of those voices is the always-outspoken Michelle Beadle of ESPN.  She took to Twitter to speak out about an ESPYs interview with Mayweather where she appeared complimentary of the fighter.  Now she notes that she wishes she knew more about his history with domestic violence before that interview.

The events of this week are leading a lot of people to take a second glance at how they view certain athletes and situations.  There’s important lessons to be learned here for everyone in sports and the media.  Good for Beadle for not just doing that with Mayweather, but being willing to speak out publicly about it.