You’d be forgiven if you didn’t know that the NIT Championship Game took place last night between Stanford and Miami.  The NIT ranks somewhere between the Pro Bowl and the Spelling Bee on the grand scale of important sporting events.  While the NIT is met with a general “meh” from most fans, we found one person who was living and dying with each and every point.

That person was… Hurricane alum and NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin?

Just check out these reaction shots from last night’s game with Irvin going absolutely bonkers for a college basketball consolation tournament.

It got so crazy that ESPN even went with an iso cam on Irvin during game action.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 8.23.48 AM

At least the playmaker was more excited to be at the game than Bob Knight, who was sipping what looked to be a cup of coffee when the broadcasters came on the air last night in working his final game for the network.

Let this be a lesson – if there’s a television camera within 500 yards, Michael Irvin will find a way to get on it.

(GIFs via Deadspin, Vines via SB Nation GIF)

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