When you work in sports 24/7, sometimes the mind likes to play tricks on you.  Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside has been a revelation with some insane numbers put up the last few months from seemingly out of nowhere.  Last night though, he briefly lost his mind with the above cheap shot on Boston’s Kelly Olynyk and got ejected.

That led Heat writer Joseph Goodman of the Miami Herald to ask this admittedly crazy question:

A stern talking to, sure.  A suspension, maybe.  But to RELEASE him over shoving a player???  Geez!  This wasn’t Kermit Washington and Rudy Tomjanovich.  Yes, it’s Whiteside’s second ejection in a week.  However, let’s consider that he’s averaging 13 and 13 with 2.5 blocks per game since the All-Star break.  Less than a week ago he had 18/25/5 against the Lakers.  Guys who can produce those numbers don’t grow on trees!  And they don’t get cut over a couple on-court fracases!  Let’s back off from the ledge juuuuuust a little bit.

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