In what is a surprise to nobody, ESPN NFL analyst Merril Hoge is destroying a polarizing NFL quarterback yet again.  Hoge has made a cottage industry out of dishing out the strongest and most extreme takes in football and trying to be the NFL’s Mark May.

Hoge appeared on the DVE Morning Show in Pittsburgh with Randy Baumann and unleashed on Johnny Manziel with one personal and professional attack after another.  Audio and some of the key quotes below…

“If you’re the Steelers defense, you want #2 walking out on that field. You want him on that field. He has no business being on that field right now.”

“This is the one thing that probably burns me more about our league, the National Football League, than anything is when a player like Johnny Manziel is based on hype and excitement, not a true football skill. He really had no business being drafted in the first round.”

“He’s a juvenile punk. He was like that in college, he’s still like that.”

“Take a filer on him in the 7th round, use him as developmental… give him a couple years to see if he can play.”

“He has no business being on the field. None whatsoever.”

“You would be blown away by his… I call it playing dumb.”

“This will be the saddest, quickest ending we have seen in quite some time. It’ll be like a Tim Tebow.”

It’s unfortunate because comments like these feed the echo chamber where outlandish things said by talking heads then becomes news and suddenly a thing is created.  Johnny Manziel should have been drafted in the 7th round???  Does anybody else working in football actually believe this?

Forgetting Hoge’s extreme PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL OPINIONS for a moment, the personal attacks are what really sends it over the edge.  When will ESPN finally say enough is enough when it comes to their TV personalities making news instead of covering it.


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