Oh, this is because of the Shark Tank thing, right? We get it.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, also a “shark” investor on the hit ABC show, has been cast as the President of the United States in Syfy’s Sharknado 3. While you try to comprehend that, also consider that conservative pundit Ann Coulter will be playing his vice president. Hopefully, we see those two in a situation room type of situation. If the Sharknado 3 screenwriters haven’t written that scene yet, consider that free advice.

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with Syfy’s schlock franchise, here is a trailer for the saga’s previous chapter, Sharknado 2.

The action in Sharknado 3 takes place in Washington, D.C., which is presumably why the president would be involved. Although after the third one of these shark storm events, you’d think the White House would be keeping a close eye on such natural disasters.

Does Cuban have a heroic or tragic story arc? One might guess that the president would stand up against these aquatic attackers and pass out some vengeful judgment. Does he have a signature line on Shark Tank, like “No way you’re getting my money”? This would probably be a good place to use something like that.

Joining Cuban and Coulter in the Sharknado 3 cast are franchise stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, along with Bo Derek, Jerry Springer, Chris Kirkpatrick, Chris Jericho and possibly some others who are too embarrassed to be named just yet. This whole thing will attack your televisions and Twitter feeds in late July.

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