Draft season is upon us and at least one All Pro NFL player will not be hanging on every word said by longtime ESPN draftnik Mel Kiper Jr.  Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell went on a lengthy Twitter rant blasting Kiper about his draft projections and analysis.

Bell covered as much ground here bashing Kiper as one of his trademark mazy runs through the defense.  Let’s run it down:

– Kiper is wrong about everybody, and Bell specifically.
– Kiper plays favorites.
– Kiper doesn’t watch LEGITIMATE (all caps) film.
– Kiper’s “buddy” Todd McShay is no better.

And if that wasn’t enough, Bell threw some shade at Mike Mayock just for good measure to prove that no draftnik is safe.

I guess you could say Bell still has a chip on his shoulder over Kiper saying the Steelers “reached” by picking him in the second round.

[Behind the Steel Curtain]

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