Let’s follow along on the timeline of yet another weird example of ESPN’s nebulous sourcing policy.  In this edition, ESPN tries to break news on Russell Wilson’s contract that was already broken elsewhere and then tries to take credit for it…

1) 9:44 AM – Peter King breaks the news of Russell Wilson’s new contract

2) 9:54 AM – Wilson announces on Twitter that he’s staying with the Seahawks for four more years

3) 10:12 AM – SportsCenter tweets about Wilson’s deal being close but not done and credits Chris Mortensen

4) 10:44 AM – SportsCenter tweets that Wilson has come to terms with the Seahawks and credits ESPN and Sports Illustrated

So it took just one hour from Peter King breaking the news to SportsCenter giving Sports Illustrated just partial credit.  And in between, Chris Mortensen reported that the deal was not done after Russell Wilson said publicly it was.  But ESPN still wants to take some credit for reporting the done deal?  How does this make sense?

77 thoughts on “Let’s see how ESPN played games with breaking the Russell Wilson contract news

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