Athletes and celebrities trying to excuse controversial comments by saying they were taken out of context is often a hilarious defense. (Charles Barkley will always be the champion of this, though technically he said he was “misquoted” in his autobiography.)

The latest example is Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy, who posted a flyer for a private party he was throwing last Sunday on Instagram that specifically said “females only.” Here’s a screen cap of the image:


But after the Bills asked him to remove the image because it featured an official team logo without permission, while media and fans made fun of and expressed concern over the “ladies only” edict, McCoy took down the flyer and posted an updated invitation in which he complained of having to “switch up” his party strategy because the request was taken out of context.

Again, the words “females only” were right there on the flyer, and it might appear to some as if McCoy intended to hold a party for only him and several over-21 ladies, which sounds like quite a different sort of gathering.

But apparently, that was misinterpreted. McCoy’s publicist told that McCoy and his people just wanted to prevent “a bunch of random guys he doesn’t know showing up.” OK, sure. Never mind that RSVPs were answered with a request for photographs and social media information. (No plus-ones either, ladies!)

So it was all a big misunderstanding then. McCoy just wanted to have a fun, controlled party before training camp. Yep.


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