There are plenty of perils in live TV, and one’s a slip of the tongue. Here’s Little Rock, Arkansas NBC affiliate KARK morning anchor Mallory Brooks talking about just what LeBron brought to Cleveland:

Brooks quickly recovers to make it clear she meant success, but it’s pretty great to see both the on-screen and off-screen people cracking up over this. The “We like the Golden State Warriors, because it’s been a while, 40 years,” also takes on a new light in this context, and it’s remarkable how many times her coanchors are able to work “success” in over the next couple of minutes. Sticking with the clip has rewards, too, including seeing co-anchor Aaron Nolan crack up at 1:10 and the “maybe we should go to break?” It’s notable that this was posted by KARK news director Austin Kellerman, so the station’s embracing it. Hopefully that will bring them a lot of success…

[Via Allen Balint]

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