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The NFL saw their latest primetime blowout with Panthers-Eagles being a 45-7 game at one point before two garbage time touchdowns from Carolina.  With this weirdly historic stretch of blowouts in primetime, the announcers have to be prepared to keep up interest somehow.  Both by the fans, and for themselves.  For Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico, that means channeling Chip Kelly’s directive and making a smoothie in the booth.

Of course Gruden has a banana in honor of his favorite play, Spider 2 Y Banana.  But what I’m more fascinated by is the actual can of Chucky’s protein powder that has this insane picture of Gruden on it.

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And that’s not all, just take a look at Gruden’s face as he puts the banana in the blender.  Have you ever seen someone put fruit in a blender like they were a villain in American Horror Story?  Good Lord this is terrifying, and it came after Gruden put grapes in the blender while still on the vine

Did anyone actually drink that thing?!?!  Did they survive???

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