Since taking over the head coaching job at Michigan just before the beginning of this year, Jim Harbaugh has been busy hiring coaches, recruiting players, trying to figure out who his quarterback will be and running spring practice. He’s been attacking every day with Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind.

So it’s probably understandable that the coach hasn’t had much time to watch TV (other than Judge Judy) or keep up on the latest comings and goings in the sports media world. When he comes up for air and looks around, Harbaugh notices that the world has changed just a bit and catches up on current events. You know, like Lou Holtz leaving ESPN.

Coach, just read Awful Announcing regularly and you’d be up on the latest. Or have someone from your support staff give you the bullet points each day.

Despite Coach Harbaugh’s eccentricities and intensity, maybe he really is just like us. Many fellow ESPN viewers are also flummoxed that Holtz and Fowler won’t be a part of the network’s studio coverage next season. College Gameday or College Football Final¬†just won’t feel like the same shows. Change and uncertainty can be unsettling, especially when it comes as a surprise.

[College Spun]

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