Before Sunday’s Game 2, current Golden State Warriors consultant and Los Angeles Lakers legend Jerry West had some strong words for the members of the media that have made a hobby of criticizing LeBron James. West said that the media that takes on LeBron “ought to be embarrassed”.

In Game 1, LeBron scored 44 in the Cavs’ 108-100 OT loss, and received plenty of criticism for his role in the defeat. With Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love both out, James went for 39-16-11 in Cleveland’s 95-93 OT win in Game 2, and that still wasn’t good enough for some pundits.

If that’s worth a C+, what does a 19-6-5 line while shooting 22% get you?

Anyway, West has a solid enough point here. The narrative has already been written about LeBron’s performance in the Finals by some people, and no matter what ends up happening, that same narrative will get trotted out. He could average a triple double for the series, and some members of the media will *still* claim he didn’t do enough, or wasn’t clutch enough, or that Jordan would have been able to do more. It’s ridiculous, and he’s pretty much the only athlete in America today that is subject to this sort of silliness.