ESPN talent speaking out negatively about ESPN business partners is a rare occurrence.  That’s why someone in a corner office in Bristol was spitting out their coffee when they heard NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy take a bazooka to Augusta National’s history of discriminatory behavior.  He even called out the network by sniping, “yea I’m glad we’re quiet about that.”

JVG, of course, is 100% correct in his statement.  But we all know we’re never going to hear a word about it during ESPN’s coverage of the tournament.  Because if someone on the ESPN Masters telecast (or anyone associated with said telecast) criticized Augusta National in any significant way, it would be the last Masters telecast on ESPN.

But at least someone at the network is willing to hold someone accountable… and the good news is JVG hasn’t been suspended for the comments… yet.

H/T The Big Lead

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