The “feud” between Fox Sports Live and Mike Francesa is pretty clearly tongue in cheek, but it’s getting to be hilarious. On Thursday night’s episode of Fox Sports Live, Jay Onrait attempted to plug Francesa’s radio simulcast on Fox Sports 1…and naturally, the preemptions of Francesa’s show and Fox Sports 2’s lack of carriage came up.

Also in that clip, Francesa reads a promo for Fox Sports Live, featuring the ridiculous quote “maybe the big guy’s gonna punch the little guy tonight, and after that fight, Fox Sports Live!”

Can Onrait appear on Francesa’s show next week? If he did, it could probably rival Francesa’s amazing interview with St. John’s soccer coach Dave Masur or his now-legendary Alex Rodriguez interview.

Please, Fox Sports: make it happen.

59 thoughts on “Jay Onrait, Mike Francesa continue on-air war of words

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