Jay Glazer’s very public feuding with ESPN goes back several years and it flared up once again this week after The Glaze accused ESPN of taking his Johnny Manziel scoopage.

Glazer was a guest on The Rich Eisen Show on Thursday and spoke at length about his barrage aimed at Bristol.  He talked with Eisen about why it was important:

“I get judged by one thing and one thing only – scoops… so when ESPN steals people’s work I’m not going to sit by.  I’m going to rip the hell out of them for it until they stop doing it.  Whether it’s me or they did it to C.J. Nitkowski today for baseball, they did it to Dan Patrick Show yesterday.  It makes you wonder, everything that they claim, did anything they do they break?  It hurts great reporters like Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen and guys like that.  Guys, there’s enough to go around.”

“They have such a lying, cheating, stealing policy over there.  I don’t agree with lying, cheating, and stealing in anything in life.”

Glazer is 100% in the right here.  It is unethical on behalf of ESPN to continue this practice – it always has been and always will be.  As he reasons later in the interview, it’d be like somebody working in sales having their commission stolen by someone else in the office.

ESPN has to stop the half measures in giving credit and stop playing games with these reports.  The more they take part in this kind of unethical behavior, the more credibility the network loses as a whole.

[Rich Eisen Show]

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