NFL on Fox reporter Jay Glazer has never been shy when it comes to voicing his displeasure over ESPN elbowing their way into his scoopage.  But he took his frustration with ESPN to a whole new level on Tuesday.

Glazer broke the news today that Johnny Manziel would start this Sunday for the Cleveland Browns.  ESPN quickly piggybacked on the report, crediting both themselves (naturally) and Fox Sports.

Glazer wasn’t buying it.  And he shared this behind-the-scenes detail about Fox calling out ESPN.  He also made sure to refer to the network “lying bastards“…

Haha an all-time low from @ESPN on their constant thievery of other’s work. FOX PR guy calls them to call BS on their claim they had Manziel scoop. News desk guy @sportscenter tells him their reporter didn’t want to be identified. Huh? What reporter doesn’t want credit for hard work paying off? Lying bastards. Haha

Glazer also tweeted this:

Given the history involved here with ESPN’s noted history of failing to give credit to others and liberal use of “sources” and/or “media reports,” you have to give Glazer the benefit of the doubt.  At least we can say ESPN got their news from a real person from Fox in this case, unlike another SportsCenter news alert last night.

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