Mike Francesa announced Wednesday that he would be ending his simulcast relationship with Fox, so what better time for polite colleagues and sometimesFrancesafoils Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole to say goodbye to him? That’s exactly what they did on Wednesday night’s Fox Sports Live:

It’s pretty funny for a sports recap show to play a clip ripping its anchors, especially when that comes from another host on the same network, but it’s exactly in tune with the hilarious and largely-tongue-in-cheek back-and-forth between the Fox Sports Live duo and Francesa that’s played out this year.

The way Fox has allowed this to play out is great, too; compare that to a certain four-letter competitor that’s often quick to hand out suspensions for even Twitter debates between colleagues. O’Toole’s line at the end of this (complete with card and weepy piano music) is perfect, too: “So long, Mike. We’ll miss your indifference to everything we ever did.” That sums it up brilliantly. Sadly, with Francesa’s show no longer appearing on Fox, we probably won’t get any more of these great-back-and-forths. If this is the end, though, it’s a solid end indeed.

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