Whether it’s to minimize distractions leading up to the NFL Draft or show prospective teams that he’s focused on football, rather than occupied with off-the-field frivolity, projected No. 1 pick Jameis Winston shut down his Twitter account, @jaboowins, over the weekend.

With his performance at the NFL Combine and an impressive showing in interviews that had some personnel executives equating his football IQ to that of Peyton Manning, Winston is in a great position and can seemingly only hurt his standing in the weeks before he’s the presumed first player selected on April 30.

Fans and reporters do lose out on some potential insight with Winston’s decision, however. It would be intriguing to follow the former Florida State star through the process of preparing physically and mentally for the draft. But NFL teams interested in picking Winston might not be too keen on having such machinations revealed, which is another possible reason why he suspended his Twitter account.

Curt Schilling made headline news last week when exposing various Twitter trolls, which is also of note. Winston is certainly not a beloved figure and has seen his fair share of controversy. Perhaps he was advised to withdraw from Twitter to not risk further controversy before he enters the NFL. Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see if other athletes follow suit and begin to detach themselves from social media.

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