FIFA’s corruption scandal has now officially come to a global war of words between disgraced former executive Jack Warner and British comedian John Oliver.  Although Oliver has been slinging comedic arrows at FIFA for quite some time now, apparently his buying TV time in Warner’s home country of Trinidad & Tobago was the final straw.

Warner taped this address finally responding to Oliver’s remarks.  It includes the former FIFA exec (accused of such things as embezzling money meant for Haiti earthquake victims) criticizing the station for allowing a foreigner to pollute the airwaves, repeatedly trying to diss Oliver by calling him an “American” and stating his distaste for the good ol’ U.S. of A, and calling Oliver a “comedic fool.”  In spite of Oliver pleading with Warner to air all of his dirty laundry, it doesn’t sound like Warner will play along.

Finally, strangely, Warner’s own music effects become so loud that it makes the rest of his speech incredibly difficult to comprehend.  Turn down the volume on the dramatic theme music, Jack!

Somehow this FIFA scandal just keeps getting better and better.

H/T 101 Great Goals

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