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The latest cover issue of Time Magazine is the heartwrenching story of high school football player Chad Stover.  The defensive back from Tipton, Missouri died after an on-field collision last November at the age of 16.

The Time cover asks the same question asked by parents and players all around America in the wake of last year’s concussion focus.  “Is Football Worth It?”

Combine that with the NFL’s disastrous month, and football is under more fire as a sport than the days of the Roosevelt administration.  Teddy Roosevelt.

Less than 2 years ago, football was also on Time’s cover with a banner headline of “The Enforcer” and referencing Roger Goodell “protecting the game he loves.  Even then the NFL faced plenty of problems, but Goodell was the public face of trying to “save football.”  Now Goodell has gone AWOL as the NFL faces increasing scrutiny.

Putting the covers side by side to show just how much trouble football has found in the last 18 months.

H/T Erik Malinowski