Apparently, Dancing with the Stars premiered on Monday. I had no idea. Anyway, Erin Andrews posted a picture on Instagram of her getting ready for the premiere…and gossip websites proceeded to lose their minds because she was wearing a diamond ring. For a while on Wednesday, Andrews was the number one trend on Yahoo.

I mean….Thank you @martinkatzjewels @dancingabc

A photo posted by Erin Andrews (@erinandrews) on

Well, the only possible conclusion one can draw from that picture is that she’s engaged to boyfriend Jarret Stoll of the LA Kings, right?

Nah. It was from wardrobe. Viz TMZ

Turns out … the ring wasn’t from Stoll — it was from wardrobe … specifically so Erin would look “blinged out” for the big show.


This is where we’re at as a society – an Instagram picture is a story because of what it *could* be rather than what it is. You may resume your normal work activities, now.


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