Long-time Oakland Athletics third baseman Eric Chavez could end up back with the team in a new position – broadcaster. Chavez and the team are discussing a commitment for him to call 20 games in 2015, and I assume he’ll be replacing Shooty Babbitt, who did 20 games last season. In 2012 and 2013, Scott Hatteberg worked 20 games as a part-time broadcaster with the A’s.

One odd quirk to Chavez’s possible new job – he already has a day job that he doesn’t plan on giving up. Chavez is a Yankees special assistant in their front office. Shockingly, the team is apparently cool with him doing both jobs this year. Susan Slusser of SFGate had a quote from Chavez about the bizarre situation.

“I didn’t know how the Yankees would react, but they were great about it,” Chavez said. “I’m really looking forward to it. It’s different, we’ll see, but (CSN California) said they just want me to say what I’m really thinking. I told them, ‘I’ve never had a problem doing that.’”

Huh. Well then.

Chavez worked a day at MLB Network in 2010 during the MLB Postseason, and I vaguely remember liking what he did. Most players that get into broadcasting after retirement usually end up rolling into a national role, and I really enjoy when they end up going to a local job instead.

Maybe this will just be a one-year trial for Chavez, and he’ll decide to go back into the Yankees front office full-time. But for now, it’s a worthy trial – what’s really the worst that could happen?


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