If you’re a regular viewer of NFL Live and you turned it on ESPN’s flagship NFL show, you may have noticed a startling sight on Monday – Stephen A. Smith anchoring the program.

Smith and Skip Bayless are on a vacation from First Take (yay!!!!), but because ESPN’s deal with the devil demands that Stephen A. Smith be on the air at least an hour every day, there he was.

Here’s evidence in the pictorial form…

It’s hard enough to avoid Smith on ESPN airwaves on a regular basis.  He’s on First Take, he makes regular SportsCenter appearances, and he’s a consistent presence on the network’s NBA coverage.  There have been many times where I’ve had the great pleasure of being yelled at by SAS on both ESPN AND ESPN2 at the same time, which should be some kind of “universe collapsing on itself” moment in the space-time continuum.

But Smith apparently has to earn those millions of dollars besides saying dumb things about domestic violence and being Floyd Mayweather’s auxiliary promoter.  So just be forewarned that he might start showing up on your favorite shows across the ESPN family of networks.  If he guest-hosts an episode of ESPN FC, we’re all doomed.

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