Today’s the day!! Let’s all show him some love!! @ClayTravisBGID

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Clay Travis is kinda like the amateur version of Skip Bayless.  He says and does ridiculous things to say and do ridiculous things and to his credit, it’s got him a national television gig with Fox Sports 1.  But that extra notoriety also means that when he says and does ridiculous things, he’s going to get called out on it.  And Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins did that in the best way possible today.

Cousins dug up this Travis tweet from five years ago guaranteeing he would get arrested, (which is a pretty low blow considering he was a freshman in college at the time).  Although Cousins has had his ups and downs on and off the floor, he’s blossomed into one of the game’s best big men and stayed out of trouble.  And clearly he’s been waiting for this day to come to stick it to Travis.  Bravo, Boogie.  You win the internet for today.

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