OK, we were all thinking it Wednesday night when news of the Mets’ failed trade with the Brewers involving Carlos Gomez broke. Among the players going from New York to Milwaukee was infielder Wilmer Flores. Curiously, Flores wasn’t taken out of the game despite the trade being widely reported.

That led to Flores hearing about the trade from others and being given a goodbye ovation by the Citi Field fans. The idea of leaving the organization he’s been with since he was 16 years old made Flores emotional, and he began to cry on the field. It was a heartbreaking image, one made even more sad when it turned out that Flores hadn’t been traded at all because the deal with the Brewers fell through over medical concerns.

Surely, most everyone who saw pictures of a tearful Flores thought, “What a crying shame.” Also sharing the same sentiment were the New York tabloids, all of whom printed the same headline.

Of course, that doesn’t happen very often. The New York newsstands would be boring if that was the case. Yet it certainly speaks to how powerful the image of Flores crying was, and how nearly universal the feelings of sympathy were toward the Mets shortstop. Hopefully, Flores himself didn’t walk by a newsstand on Thursday and see his teary eyes plastered everywhere.