College GameDay is known for the trash-talking signs fans bring, which sometimes get controversial, but it’s remarkable when the trash-talking’s directed at the president of ESPN rather than an opposing player, coach, or team. It’s also remarkable when anti-ESPN trash-talking manages to get on air, considering the network’s general preoccupation with its image and its regular censorship of signs.

Via CNN’s Brian Stelter and Mashable’s Jason Abbruzzese, though, here’s a fan trolling ESPN president John Skipper Saturday with a sign about the network’s declining subscribers and the growing wave of cord-cutting:

It would be great to see more of this network-level trolling. A few possible suggestions:

“This Sign Did More For Today Than Jamie Horowitz.

“It Took You 35 Years To Go From Italics To Bold, CBS?”

Signs In Blazers, Coming Soon To NBC.”

You Used To Call Me On My ESPN Phone.”

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