While that’s a tongue-in-cheek headline, really, it’s the most noteworthy thing that happened in Colin Cowherd’s debut for Fox Sports.  Seriously.  He wore a tie.  WHOA!

While there’s been much speculation on when we’d first see the controversial radio host after his big money switch from ESPN to Fox, Cowherd’s debut came very quietly as part of FS1’s college football preview show on Wednesday night.  In reality, it’s one of the lowest-profile debuts for such a big hire I can recall.  You would think Fox would have promoted it just a little bit more… or had Harbaugh drive the giant khaki bus into the stadium or something.

Here he is talking about Utah’s special teams and why they might beat Michigan, which is much better than saying something totally offensive about the Mormon population.  Maybe he’s turned over a new leaf, who knows.

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