Clay Travis is not having a good day.

First, DeMarcus Cousins smacked him down on Instagram after digging a five-year old Travis tweet out of mothballs. To his credit, Travis accepted his fate, and offered to donate $5,000 to a charity of Cousins’ choice.

Then, a Charlotte-area sushi bar called Pisces Sushi (which has 157 Yelp reviews and a three and a half star rating) decided to offer all you can eat sushi to its customers…except for Clay Travis.

At least Travis lives in Nashville and not Charlotte, which somewhat mitigates the blow a little bit.

When you combine his trolling of Ohio State and the Big Ten earlier this month (which ended poorly when Ohio State beat SEC champion Alabama and Pac-12 champion Oregon to win the first ever College Football Playoff) with the Cousins issues today, I bet Travis wishes that he could press the ol’ reset button on 2015.

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