Charles Barkley is known for being an over the top, tell it like it is kind of guy, for which we love him. He’s also known for his love of all things Vegas, gambling, etc. Well, when he actually sat down with Seth Davis and tallied up what his favorite hobby cost him, it was mind boggling.

He tells Davis that he went to Vegas “a bunch of times” and would win a million dollars in a weekend (probably ten times), but then also lost a million dollars in a weekend three times as much as he won it. So he’s essentially lost at least $20-30 MILLION dollars gambling.

As a result, he quit for two years. When he told his friends he missed gambling, they pointed out that he was an idiot because he would routinely be up half a million or more, but wouldn’t quit, and would then lose it all. But don’t worry! He has it all under control. And I quote:

“When I go to Vegas now, I try to win a couple hundred thousand dollars. Or if I lose a couple hundred thousand dollars I quit, and still have a good trip. It’s like anything. If you do it in moderation, it’s alright.”

I’m sorry, what? Losing $200 grand in a weekend is no big deal? Raise your hand if you’re ALSO wondering where you went wrong in life so that you can’t be comfortable losing $200,000 in a weekend. Good for Charles for getting his habit under control, but man. Imagine how much he’d save if he’d just stick to the $25 Pai Gow tables.

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