Charles Barkley has always fallen under criticism for not having great knowledge about the college game in spite of appearing on CBS and Turner’s coverage of the NCAA Tournament every year.  And really, how could he?  Barkley spends the entire season covering the NBA, so asking him to become Jay Bilas overnight is a stretch.  It’s a difficult spot the networks put Barkley in.

Still though, Sir Charles praising Kansas’ Cliff Alexander at halftime of the Kansas-Wichita State game was a facepalm inducing moment saying he was “playing pretty good.”  The only problem with that being Alexander hasn’t played since February 23rd due to an ongoing NCAA investigation!

C’mon, man!  Chuck may not know college basketball very well, but at least give us the names of the players who are actually on the floor.  Barkley is at least watching the game that he’s analyzing at halftime, right?

At least he didn’t compliment Danny Manning or Jacque Vaughn, so maybe that’s good enough for now.

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