One of my favorite Super Bowl traditions are the wacky Super Bowl prop bets.  This year is no different.  The folks at Bovada have done an awesome job putting forward such bets as Russell Wilson’s passing yards versus the national gas price average, how many times “deflated balls” will be said (I’d take the over 3), and even how many viewers the game will have (again, I’ll take the over on 113 million).

But without a doubt the best prop bet for this year’s Super Bowl, and maybe the best prop bet of all-time, deals with legendary announcer Al Michaels.  Yes, you can now make a friendly wager on whether or not Al Michaels will make a reference during the Super Bowl to a friendly wager.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 8.51.37 AM

This is incredible.  My guess is that Al has already laid down some coin on several of these prop bets already.  Given that there seems to be a lot of latitude here, and given Al’s love of subtle gambling references, I would think “YES” would be a lock.  Plus, I could think of no better accomplishment for Al Michaels than winning people a bet with a cheeky gambling reference.  I can totally see Michaels waiting until the very end of the game to rescue this bet from the fire with a nod to the spread or the over/under.  It’d be the Miracle on Ice call of gambling references.  Brent Musburger is so jealous.


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