You know how this one sets up. Boston Sports Guy Bill Simmons is a huge Patriots fan.  ESPN analyst and former Ravens LB Ray Lewis has been smack talking the Patriots throughout the postseason and even said the team deserved an asterisk for cheating.  So inevitably, Bill Simmons would tweet out a shot at Ray Lewis and start another firestorm of ESPN on ESPN violence.  Thankfully, Simmons did not disappoint.

The link that Simmons posted?  A photoshop of Lewis in deer antlers from in reference to the January 2013 report from Sports Illustrated that implicated Lewis using deer antler spray to recover from an injury during his final NFL season, which contained banned substances.  Lewis denied the report and didn’t test positive.  Still though, the photoshop will make you laugh.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 12.08.26 PM

At least Simmons showed enough self-discipline to not also tweet out a joke about a limo or anything like that.

Hopefully for the sake of The Sports Guy, this doesn’t earn him yet another suspension at ESPN.  After all, he got away with annihilating Mike &Mike on social media.  But at this point, maybe that’s exactly what he wants.  Or maybe he just doesn’t care anymore.  2015 Bill Simmons might just channel the 2007 New England Patriots and fully commit to “F-U mode” until his contract is up later this year.