We’ve already run down a list of the worst Hall of Fame ballots of 2015.  One ballot that didn’t make it on our list or any others was that of Paul Hoynes from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Hoynes simply didn’t fill out a ballot.  Not because of protests over PEDs.  Not because he wants the rules changed about how many eligible players he can vote for.

No, Hoynes simply lost his ballot.

It’s confession time.

I didn’t vote for this year’s Hall of Fame class that will be enshrined in Cooperstown in July 26. It’s the first time I’ve missed since I became eligible to vote in 1994.

It wasn’t a protest over steroid era players or a desire to see the ballot go from 10 to 12 votes per writer. No, it was a screw up on my part. People who know me are really going to be surprised over that one.

Somehow, someway the ballot never got from my mailbox to my eager fingers. Between the curb and my desk, the ballot took a powder. By the time I realized it was really lost, there wasn’t time to get a new one.

Deep down, however, I think there was some Freudian thing at work.

Well that’s not something that happens every day.  Hoynes continues to write some weird things about having a personal vendetta against Pedro Martinez (calling him a punk on the mound) but saying he would have voted for Pedro anyways in large part because he was so great against the Indians.  Uhh… I guess that’s a good, logical thing.

Here’s my question – couldn’t he have submitted something via e-mail?  It is 2015, you know.

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