Katie Nolan, formerly “the girl who’s blowing up the internet” at Crowd Goes Wild (don’t you miss Regis Philbin’s sports cameo?) recently threw out a first pitch at a Trenton Thunder game.

This is better than your average first pitch blog post because there’s a helpful video vignette that builds towards the dramatic moment. You can draw whatever innuendo you would like out of the video’s title.

Two things about this that provide some hope – A) It was better than 50 Cent. B) She didn’t ask for a second try like Bob Costas. At least Katie Nolan knows that you only get one first pitch.  Who knew she was a better baseball traditionalist at heart than Costas.

At least it’s good to see Nolan is finding ways to stay active while Fox Sports 1 continues to have nothing on the air for her after the cancellation of Crowd Goes Wild.  Can’t we pull up another chair on the Fox Sports Live panel or something?  Come on, Fox!


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