You may have survived the frantic first day of March Madness, but it’s likely that your bracket did not.  The first day of the 2015 NCAA Tournament is definitely in the running for the most exciting and unpredictable on record.  Two #14 seeds beat #3 seeds.  There were a record 5 one point games.  The state of Ohio went 4-0 while the state of Texas went 0-5.  And in the biggest upset of them all after you went to bed last night, Georgetown actually beat a double digit seed!

If you went .500 yesterday, you had a pretty decent day.  If you got 12 wins, you are probably in the lead in your office pool.  If you went a perfect 16 for 16, the people from the Salem Witch Trials will want to have a word with you.

Before the tournament began, ESPN hyped a record number of 11.57 million brackets for their Bracket Challenge.  After just one day, only 273 (or .002%) remain perfect.

To put that in perspective, last year there were over 18,000 perfect brackets after Day 1.  With my bracket in shambles, I think it’s time to root for just as much chaos as possible so that person with the Georgia State-UAB-Albany-Buffalo Final Four can keep a perfect bracket going.

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