Karen Khachanov.

What’s considered cursing and what’s not differs dramatically from country to country, as we’ve seen with such things such as the Oakland A’s unfortunate decision to run a “Rooted In Oakland” ad in Australia (where “rooted” means something very different). The latest example of a cross-country cursing communication collapse comes from the men’s tennis ATP Tour, where Russian player Karen Khachanov (seen above during a match Tuesday) was penalized during the second set of a second-round National Bank Open match in Toronto Wednesday for saying “shit,” and where he was rather confused by that penalty. Kenny Ducey has that video:

While bears may shit in the woods, tennis players apparently can’t say shit on the court. (As we are not a member of the puritanical New York Mets’ beat, we will not be censoring shit.) And there’s maybe a wider conversation to be had about why cursing in English during a tennis match is apparently verboten. But for now, this wound up as a penalty. It didn’t hurt Khachanov, as he advanced with a 7-6, 6-4 win, but it did lead to an unusual moment.

[Kenny Ducey on Twitter]

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