Tom Brady's "Let's Go!" podcast.

As fans of The Masked Singer are still waiting to learn whether Tom Brady will be revealed as a contestant, the quarterback’s next media move has been announced.

Brady’s pending $375 million deal with Fox remains on the backburner, but in the interim, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is returning to SiriusXM Radio for a weekly show during the NFL season. SiriusXM announced Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray are teaming up for a second season of Let’s Go!, with the first episode airing Monday, Sept. 5.

“Jim and Larry are two of the great sportsmen of our generation,” Brady said in the press release. “Jim’s knowledge of the game and ability to engage his listeners, and Larry’s unprecedented success and longevity on the field bring an unmatched perspective to our listeners. I’m honored to join both of them for a second season and continue to provide insight on the game we love.”

Despite Brady co-hosting the show, don’t expect to receive too much inside information from the NFL superstar. Even when Brady’s season was over and ESPN reported he was planning to retire in January, the 45-year-old quarterback went on his own radio show and claimed no decisions were made about his future. Hours later, Brady released a statement on social media to announce his retirement, negating the opportunity to break his own major news on the radio show that he claims offers “unmatched perspective.

Now that he’s back in the NFL, Brady launching a second season of his SiriusXM Radio show and podcast will continue the trend of active professional athletes having their own media platforms. Brady, however, has not touted his show as being the “new media.”

NFL fans can enjoy another year of Brady and Fitzgerald interviewing big-name guests with the assistance of Gray. And Brady can enjoy a friendly setting to discuss the NFL season, while knowing Gray is not one to rattle him with tough questions or pry for genuine answers.


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