On Thursday, SiriusXM officially announced that Let’s Go!, the podcast hosted by Jim Gray, Tom Brady, and Larry Fitzgerald, would be returning next fall on a multi-year deal.

Two weeks ago, Gray and Brady announced on the show that it would be returning for two more years, but SiriusXM just made it official today.

Here are some quotes from the three hosts.

“I’m excited to be back with Jim, Larry and the SiriusXM family for season three of Let’s Go!” Brady said. “Thank you to all of our supporters and fans. We look forward to providing insight on the game we love again in the fall.”

“Being with Tom and Jim on SiriusXM has been a lot of fun and a great experience. We are really excited to be able to continue to engage with fans around the country about life and the game we all love,” said Fitzgerald.

“Tom and Larry have incomparable knowledge and wisdom in so many areas. We have all been together for years, and it is great we’re going to continue our conversations on Let’s Go! that bring the fans deep inside, and get to know the game and these two legends even better,” said Gray.

When it returns in the fall, Let’s Go! will continue airing on both the Mad Dog Sports Radio and SiriusXM NFL Radio channels. An extended podcast version of the show will be available on the SiriusXM app following its premiere.

To me, the only shock about this is that Fox didn’t wrangle Brady into their stable of podcasts, given the exorbitant contract he signed with the network. Keeping Brady around in spite of that contract is a nice get for SiriusXM.


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