Mike Babchik jumping on Willie Colon

Nothing screams American football is back in season more than normalizing people jumping through tables.

Bills Mafia is a rabid NFL fanbase, known for generous charitable donations and an innate desire to violently throw their bodies through tables as part of a bizarre pregame ritual. Channeling Bills Mafia, Mad Dog Sports Radio morning show hosts Mike Babchik and Willie Colon wagered their bodies on Monday night’s Buffalo BillsTennessee Titans matchup, with the winner getting the top and the loser taking the bottom. Although after watching the video, it appears co-host Evan Cohen was the real winner for avoiding the bet altogether.

Fans of the Mad Dog Radio morning show shouldn’t be shocked by the antics, but credit Colon for playing along. The former NFL veteran celebrated his one-year anniversary on the show last week and laid on a folding table to prove he’s all-in. Not sure why they did it on the driveway instead of the plush grass behind them. They did, however, at least protect Colon a little bit, by forcing Babchik to wear more clothing than he usually does.

But apparently, SiriusXM doesn’t protect Babchik and Colon the same way ESPN does with Mina Kimes. Prior to ESPN’s Monday Night Football doubleheader, Kimes tweeted that she would jump through a table if she received 5,000 retweets in less than an hour. 13 minutes later, Kimes reneged on her promise because somewhere in the fine print of her ESPN contract, it forbids climbing up a ladder or to the top of a truck and throwing yourself through a table.

SiriusXM may no longer be the wild west of media that it was when Howard Stern ventured to satellite radio in 2006. But they do still let their employees jump through tables.


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