One of the stranger wrestling developments in a while comes from a “Wrestling 4 Women’s Charity” event that suddenly showed up, claimed it would be broadcast on FiteTV (only to later be refuted by Kim Hurwitz, the CMO of that service), and said it would feature multiple AEW wrestlers before AEW president Tony Khan tweeted that his wrestlers wouldn’t support that event thanks to its ties to Joey Ryan, a wrestler who faced multiple accusations of sexual assault last summer. (He is currently suing over some of those.) The whole event was eventually cancelled. But it’s definitely notable to see something like this fail so publicly, as shown by those tweets about where it would be broadcast and who would be participating:

The show’s Twitter account was later deleted, but Fightful’s Robert DeFelice captured a tweet from them before that on their response:

The initial response from the "Wrestling For Women's Charities" group.

There are plenty of unusual things that regularly happen in the independent wrestling world, but this one feels particularly notable for both claiming that it had a broadcast deal that it did not (if FiteTV CEO Kim Hurwitz’s comments there are accurate) and for citing the involvement of AEW wrestlers before that promotion’s president tweeted to nix that. So it’s certainly notable to see this.


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