Spotify continues to expand its live audio programming, announcing two shows today that will be hosted by names very familiar to sports fans.

Trey Wingo and Mark Schereth will reunite for one show, while Charissa Thompson will host the other. Wingo and Schereth will host Upon Further Review, a show focusing on the NFL, which makes sense given their respective backgrounds.

Thompson, meanwhile, will host We’re Good Here, a show Spotify bills as focusing on her life and experiences over a long career in the world of sports media.

Via the official release:

Upon Further Review, hosted by longtime friends Trey Wingo and Mark Schlereth, discusses and breaks down all of the latest NFL news. Get to know the broadcast duo as they chat about their careers and personal lives, while also providing expert analysis on the biggest stories in the league like the upcoming NFL draft, what will happen to star wide receivers Deebo Samuel, Terry McLaurin and A.J. Brown this offseason and much more. Audience questions encouraged.

We’re Good Here has all the answers to your burning questions with TV-host and sports broadcaster, Charissa Thompson. She has experienced almost everything you can in the media industry as she has personally chatted with some of the biggest athletes and celebrities on and off the camera.

Spotify Live is the renamed version of the Spotify Greenroom shows that have been popping up for a while now. Clearly designed as an effort to increase direct engagement, it’s a sort of hybrid podcast/radio format where listeners can directly interact with the hosts for questions and more. The pivot to this format also offers Spotify more exclusivity over the programming; rather than listeners being able to find podcasts on any app, participation in Spotify Live shows obviously requires, well, Spotify. It’s also now available directly within the standalone Spotify app.

If that’s something you’re interested in with either of these programs, both shows premiere tonight, April 25th, at 6 and 7 PM ET respectively.


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